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Our participants make it possible!

All progress in the understanding and treatment of disease is enabled by research participants who volunteer to make a difference.

About us:
The HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center (HNRC) conducts research to learn how diseases like HIV, Hepatitis C infection (HCV), Methamphetamine dependence, and Bipolar Disorder as well as normal aging affect the brain and nervous system, as well as people's everyday lives.  Since 1988, over 2,700 people have participated in research at the HNRC, and we are always seeking individuals from the community who are interested in participating.

We have many different ongoing studies, with varying time commitments

Some studies include just one visit to our center, while others involve multiple visits within a few months, or one or two visits per year over several years. Our staff will make sure participants are matched with a time commitment that works for them. All studies provide monetary compensation for each completed visit.

Who is eligible to participate?

We are currently recruiting individuals

who are at least 18 years old
with or without HIV
with or without a history of substance use (especially methamphetamine)

How do I find out if I am eligible to participate?

Call (619) 543-5000 and ask to speak with a research recruiter, and a brief interview will help us to match you with a study you may be eligible for. We may not have a match for you right away, but you may be contacted in the future as new studies begin. Not everyone will be eligible to participate, but we appreciate every phone call.

All information obtained during the study is kept strictly confidential.

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