HIV and Aging

J. Allen McCutchan, MD
HNRC 25th Anniversary Symposium


HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center Overview and Introduction

Igor Grant, MD
25th HNRC Anniversary Symposium

Dr Grant

HAND is Common and Important in Patients on ART

Igor Grant (PDF)
2013 North European Workshop on HIV infection in the CNS (HANSA, April 2013)




Screening Tests for HIV associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND)

Ned Sacktor, MD (PDF)
U-13 Conference; Frascati, Italy (July 2011)



  Imaging Methods for NeuroAIDS

  Christine Fennema-Notestine, PhD (PDF)
  U-13 Conference; Frascati, Italy (July 2011)



Cognitive Dysfunction Among HIV+ and HIV- Individuals with Psychosis in Uganda

Noeline Nakasujja (PDF)
U-13 Conference; Frascati, Italy (July 2011)

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