16th Residential Course on Clinical Pharmacology of Antiretrovirals

Scott Letendre, M.D., Co-PI, UC San Diego, HNRP Investigator

Scott Letendre, M.D., UC San Diego, HNRP Investigator presented at the 16th Residential Course on Clinical Pharmacology of Antiretrovirals. The course addressed the implications of new PK/PD information on strategies for clinical management of patients with HIV, HBV and HCV infections.

The information was presented through a mix of didactic lectures and clinically relevant cases developed by an expert panel of clinicians and researchers. The three-day course brought together researchers and clinicians from various parts of the world to discuss pro and cons of current PK/PD strategies in anti-infective area. Each topic focus on preclinical, translational and clinical aspects and provided opportunity for discussion and input from the audience. This meeting will be a valuable experience for all involved in infectious diseases, as researchers or prescribers of anti-infective agents. 

To access the powerpoint, please click here.

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