Dr. Grant celebrates with Lisa Obermeit on receiving her PhD in Clinical Psychology during at the UCSD graduation ceremony on June 16, 2018

Dr. Obermeit’s dissertation is entitled "The Impact of Methamphetamine Dependence, HIV, and Frontal Systems Dysfunctions on the Relationship Between Sexual Risk Intentions and Behaviors”. Her work sought to understand how intentions to behave safely translated to actual safer behavior, to reduce risk of HIV infection. She observed that use of methamphetamine weakened the likelihood that intentions would be put into action. Impaired executive functions and disinhibition also contributed to this weakening. Her work points to opportunities for interventions to improve the likelihood that intentions actually result in safer practices in specific HIV risk populations. Dr. Obermeit’s Dissertation Committee included Professors Steven Woods and Erin Morgan from UCSD and Paul Gilbert and Scott Roesch from SDSU. Dr. Obermeit is continuing her postdoctoral work at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Congratulations Dr. Obermeit!

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