Erin Sundermann Promotes the Need for Sex-Specific Cut Scores in Alzheimer’s Diagnoses

Several studies presented at the 2018 Alzheimer's Association International Conferenc  focused on how Alzheimer’s disease manifests in women.  HNRP investigator Erin Sundermann reported on how women may be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s later in disease course than men due to superior verbal performance that survives into the early stages of disease.  Women’s verbal compensation strategies on diagnostic tests may cause a delay in treatment.  Sex-specific cut scores could enable women to access treatment earlier and improve disease progression.

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Sundermann EE, Maki P, Rubin LH, Mielke M, Machulda M, Bondi M.  Sex-based norms in clinical tests of verbal memory might improve diagnostic accuracy in Alzheimer’s Disease. 46th Annual Meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society, 02-14-2018.





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