PrEP in the Transgender Population: A 2-Part Series

Dr. Sara Gianella on behalf of Infectious Disease Advisor in Part 1 of the series interviews Dr. Sheldon Morris about an upcoming pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) study in transgender individuals at the UCSD AntiViral Research Center that will look at understanding HIV prevention within this population, uptake of PrEP, adherence to treatment, and other issues unique to this group.  In Part 2 of the series she talks with Brooke Sullivan, a California-based transgender woman and HIV activist, about her transition, living with HIV, her experiences with activism, barriers to HIV prevention and care for transgender people, and taking part in clinical trials to enhance understanding of HIV research within this group.

Click Here to read Part 1 of the series.

Click Here to read Part 2 of the series.

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