HNRP Staff and Investigators at San Diego March for Science!

The March for Science took place on April 22, 2017 in cities all over the United States and the world. 15,000 people attended the event in San Diego. The event aimed to build awareness for the importance of science in society. Diverse groups of scientists and their allies attended to stand up for community, health, economy and the environment. The March for Science­ San Diego advocates public policy that both supports, and is supported by, openly shared science.

Sara Gianella Weibel, M.D. and her children. Dr. Gianella Weibel is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at UCSD who specializes in infectious disease and research in the areas of translational virology, molecular biology and immunology. She leads the Virology Core of several HNRP funded studies.

Matthew Dawson, B.A. (left) and Scott Letendre, M.D. (right). Matthew Dawson is trained in methods of neuropsychology and manages and coordinates the neurobehavioral core. He has worked at the HNRP for 13 years supervising the collection of neuropsychological data for a multitude of research studies. Dr. Letendre is a Professor of Medicine at UCSD and an infectious disease physician who joined the HNRP in 2000. He is the lead investigator on several NIH funded grants at the HNRP dealing with HIV, HCV, antiretroviral effectiveness, and cognition in aging and runs the laboratory that processes samples collected in all active studies.

Stephanie Corkran, M.A., is a trained nutritionist and anthropologist who has worked at the HNRP for 11 years. She coordinates the IRB submissions for current studies and assists with resource requests involving data and samples for outside investigators. She is a member of and volunteers to promote climate change action and environmental protection. Hey! Hey!, Ho! Ho!, Fossil Fuels Have Got to Go!




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