HNRP Experts Invited to Participate in the HIV/AIDS Network Coordination (HANC) Behavioral Sciences Working Group

HNRP Investigators were invited to a neurocognitive assessments focus group as part of an expert panel on how neurocognitive assessments are performed, analyzed and how neurocognitive research is conducted within the NIAID HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks, and other networks such as the Adolescent Trials Network.  These types of working groups develop specific recommendations for community involvement in Division of AIDS-funded HIV Clinical Research Trials, based upon Best Practices document and community consultations. Drs. Ronald Ellis and Robert Heaton will participate in drafting a consensus statement for publication to guide research in this area at the focus group convening in Seattle, Washington in April 2011.

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Key Publications by Dr. Ronald Ellis:

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Key Publications by Dr. Robert Heaton:

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